Goals for 2011


*  Woodstock/NYC 2 Day Running Relay

*  Peterborough Half Ironman

*  Timberman Half Ironman

*  European 70.3 Triathlon Championships, Wiesbaden, Germany August 14th



Running Times


*  Marathon Time   -   3:09:11

*  Half Marathon Time -  1:30:00 -1:35:00

*  10km Time  -   38 minutes









Angella Goran




Angella Goran is a well rounded talented woman who devotes her time in the areas of business, sport and community.


She is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ottawa’s newest and finest indoor cycling centre, “Cyclepathic Indoor Cycling Studio” (CICS), as well as an online sock company SokJok Inc., which will become a full sport clothing line by the spring of 2012, giving birth to JokWear Inc. Lastly, this summer a new sports beverage product is set to launch that markets to adolescents; to better their nutrition when on or off their game!


With over 15 years spent between amateur to elite levels of athletics in the sports of Rowing, Cycling and currently Triathlon, there is a formula to her madness in sport and that is “Passion”. The passion that she has for the high levels in sport is what is now being focused on creating the passion in others to reach for their own goals and achieve a balance in health and wellness.


She is a Certified Top Level indoor cycling instructor, Certified Strength/Conditioning Trainer and Lifestyle Coach who believes that in all of us there is a gift.


From participating at the high levels in sport, it has been a long standing dream to be able to create business opportunities that embrace and share the same positive energy that sport has brought to her. It is with focus that she continues to balance both business and sport in her life as it exemplifies the “possible” and creates the energy to share fundamental values to others through education and belief.


Some of her recent accomplishments include the following:

  1.      Somersault Triathlon Series 2009- 2 First Places
  2.      2 Second Place Finishes
  3.      1 Third Somersault Triathlon Series 2010- 2 Second Place Finishes
  4.      Subaru Triathlon Series 2010: Peterborough Half Ironman *Worlds Long Course Triathlon Qualifier
  5.      Worlds Long Course Triathlon- Immenstadt Germany (4km Swim, 130km Bike, 30km Run)
      Time: 9:57:34